Live Music

Event Type Live Music


fri26apr7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Kid Gulliver + The Smallest Town Ensemble

sun28apr3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Jazz: Bring Back Pluto


fri03may7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Nolan Leite

sun05may3:00 pmsun5:00 pmSunday Acoustic: Mike & Missy

fri10may7:00 pmfri9:00 amLive Music: Three At Home

sun12may3:00 pmsun5:00 pmSunday Jazz: Andrew Paulin

fri17may7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Zeke Martin and the Oracles

sun19may3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Jazz: Bring Back Pluto

fri24may7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Deep Cuts

sat25may7:00 pmsat9:00 pmLive Music: Ghosts In The Machine

sun26may3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Jazz: Dylan Jack Trio


sat01jun7:00 pmsat9:00 pmLive Music: Boatyard Resin

sun02jun3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Acoustic: The Honey Steelers

fri07jun7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: The Way Out

sat08jun7:00 pmsat9:00 pmLive Music: Motel Black

sun09jun3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Jazz: The Greg Silva Trio

fri14jun7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: The Forest Effect

sat15jun7:00 pmsat9:00 pmLive Music: School of Rock

sun16jun3:00 pmsun5:00 pmSunday Jazz: Russo Bros. Quintet

fri21jun7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Zeke Martin and the Oracles

sun23jun3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Music: Fran McConville Trio

fri28jun7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Steep Grade


sun07jul3:00 pmsun5:00 pmSunday Jazz: Fenno Street Jazz

fri12jul7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Hip Anonymous

sat13jul7:00 pmsat9:00 pmLive Music: The Flying Vipers

sun14jul3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Jazz: Bob Martin Jazz Trio

fri19jul7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: OBOY!

sun21jul3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Jazz: Sofferman Quintet

fri26jul7:00 pmfri9:00 pmLive Music: Five Against None

sun28jul3:00 pmsun5:00 pmLive Jazz: Bring Back Pluto


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